Landlords are seeing a positive rental market

Landlords, with properties in England, are seeing a continuation of a positive rental market. Apparently, earnings from rental payments are in excess of £32 billion per annum.

Clearly, we aren’t letting all of those properties! But we feel that we are doing our bit. It’s clear to any prospective tenant that they need to act quickly when they are searching for a home to live in. A year ago, we may have had up to 30 properties to choose from, at any particular time. This has reduced to no more than 10 at any time.

We aren’t managing less properties.

In fact, we are managing more than we were a year ago. It’s just that the availability period has become much shorter.

This is partly due to the high level of demand. It’s also partly due to increased efficiency in our marketing. Many of the tenants for larger houses come from outside Cambridgeshire. Because we market larger rental properties directly to the US Forces, based in Molesworth and Alconbury, we find that they contact us as soon as they have received their deployment notice.

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